Introduction to GarageBand

GarageBand is a music software that comes with every Mac device, its intuitive interface allows you to create music effortlessly. After covering the basic functions of GarageBand, the instructor will guide you through the making of a beat.

Whether you’re an experienced musician, an amateur or a computer geek, come discover the potential of your Mac!

Date: To be announced

Time: To be announced

Location: To be announced

Equipment required:
– Any Mac laptop (MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air)
– macOS High Sierra
– Headphones

Minimum age: 13

No music knowledge required

Fee: 25 EUR

LIMITED SEATS so don’t wait and book yours today!




My MacBook is running on an older OS. Can I still attend the workshop?
Certainly. However the GarageBand version that will be presented is the one running on High Sierra, therefore the interface could be slightly different. Please note that the instructor will not have time to go over your specific version.

I am not sure what macOS version my laptop is running on. How do I find out?
Here are some instructions

What is the macOS?
Google is your friend :-)

I don’t have any music skills whatsoever, I am afraid I will not fully take advantage of the workshop
The workshop is designed for persons without any music training, the notions needed to use GarageBand will be explained in terms understandable by all. Don’t let this stop you!

Why are headphones necessary?
During the second part of the workshop, you will create a beat on your laptop. The use of headphones will make sure that you don’t disturb one another during the process. At the end, we will listen to everyone’s masterpiece!

I am not very proficient in English. Will the workshop be offered in other languages?
Not at the moment. Depending on demand, we may consider doing so.

Who is the instructor?
Please visit the About page for more information

It’s a woman?!

Are there any parking lots near the location of the workshop?
Please visit Silversquare website for informations relating to reaching the venue. Feel free to call or email them: they are very helpful.

Why must I provide a parental authorization if I am under 18?
As a minor you are under your parents/legal tutor responsibility, at all times. Unless one of them (or both) registers to attend the workshop with you, the instructor needs an official confirmation which states that they have been properly informed and that they agree with your participation in this activity.

May they accompany me even if they are not registered?
The instructor is happy to meet your parents/legal tutor. Should they wish to do so, they are kindly requested to come at least 15 min before start time. Once the workshop begins, they will be asked to leave.

Can I bring the parental authorization at the workshop?
The instructor needs to receive the form duly completed within the same deadline as for payment. Otherwise your registration will be canceled without further notification.

Parental Authorization
(click to download form)