Growing up, I used to listen to mainstream pop while studying classical music. One day, as a teenager, I stumbled upon a show named “The Soul of MTV”: it only aired Soul and R&B videos.

“What is THIS?!” I asked myself (this was long before urban music became popular worldwide)… I was instantly addicted.

I could not watch the show live on weekdays, hence every evening I programmed a video tape (yes, you read that right!) to record the next episode. As soon as I came home, I’d rewind the tape and watch the show: I couldn’t wait to discover new songs and artists.

Due to my initial music education, the worlds of classical and urban music remained separate for quite a bit. Now there is only one distinction in my mind: the music I like and the one I don’t



Professional Music Diploma, Berklee College of Music (USA)

GarageBand & Solfege Private Lessons
Solfege, Conservatoire de Musique de la Ville de Luxembourg